Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The Microwave

Yesterday, while the kids were warming up their lunches, our microwave broke. It flat out stopped microwaving! I looked at it, called about it and finally gave up to the realization that it was indeed beyond repair. I was ticked--this microwave is less than three years old!

Yesterday evening we left to go buy a new microwave. We trekked through Target, looked at all the models and decided on a Panasonic with something called Sensor claimed it knows how hot your food is and will respond on its own.

We decided to try it out during dinner. We put a bag of frozen green beans in it and pushed the sensor setting for frozen veggies. It began cooking, the countdown clock was blank so we had no idea how long it would take. A few minutes into the cooking the microwave beeped and displayed 5:00...the veggies had 5 minutes left. And sure enough after the 5 minutes we checked on the green beans and they were perfectly cooked! How cool!

I wanted to test it out further so late last night I grabbed some leftovers and put them in--roast beef and roasted veggies in one container. I poked the "Sensor Reheat" button and pressed "Start" and the microwave began...and in about 2 minutes I got the beep that my food was seconds away from being fully warmed. Sure enough, after the final beep my food was perfectly warmed.

I am kind of glad our microwave bit the dust--this one is so much cooler!!



- Kris said...

Ok, our microwave is only like 4 months old...and it's cr@p. You'll have to tell me what you got, because I want something that actually WORKS!! =)

Laurie said...

It's a Panasonic Inverter (or something like that). We found it at Target--there were a few of them with the sensor cooking feature though.