Friday, September 26, 2008

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Step on a Crack Step on a Crack by James Patterson

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rating: 2 of 5 stars
I honestly am not sure what I think of this story and I think that means I did not enjoy it very much. At least not in comparison to other novels I have read and enjoyed. The story itself was dramatic and a good idea overall. The execution of the story was fast-paced but not exactly in the way that you want a story to be fast-paced. I wanted more details, more personality of more characters than the hero. James Patterson seemed to rush though the story, under the guise of a fast-paced story, rather than giving the story time to fully develop and that left it flat. It was entertaining and there was a personal side story that was bittersweet, but overall I was not impressed.

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gfKris said...

Bummer. I love James Patterson, especially the Alex Cross series, which I'm deeply into right now. I was hoping to explore more of his work, eventually. What other ones, by him, have you read and liked??

Laurie said...

This was the first one I've read by him. I am still going to try the Alex Cross series though. I would also suggest you read this one, too because it wasn't that I disliked the story...I just expected more out of it. I liked the Women's Murder Club TV series which was based off his was cancelled though.

~*~K.A.T~*~ said...

Awesome book I love all his novels.