Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Hear that?

It's the beautiful sound of a quiet house! The kids went back to school this morning after almost three weeks for winter break. We all had a lovely time while they were home from school but we all need some space.

They were all looking forward to getting back to school. S begins choir this semester and he is very excited. M and C also wanted to get back to their friends and see their teachers. A is glad to have the house--and toys--to herself all day long and I am, well, just glad to get back to our normal routine.

Back-to-school time for the kids is also back-to-school time for me. My semester begins next week. I have a heavy course load so that means late night studying (that's the only time it's quiet enough to focus without interruption) and loads of homework. We are leaving for FL next week, too, so all my textbooks are coming with me so I won't miss any work.

For now, I'll enjoy the quiet and rest my brain before life begins to get hectic again!


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T- said...

Enjoy the quiet!