Sunday, August 23, 2009



Writing is one of my favorite things. I write as a hobby and most of what I write I never share. I have a life goal of being paid to write and most of what I write privately will be what I hope to have published, legitimately, so it will never show up as a blog post or Facebook note.

In fact, I do not even put my best writing forward in my blog. I keep it casual and mostly conversational because it is just a thing I do on the internet. I have no pressure to be wildly creative or witty. It is me, almost uncensored. Sometimes, I share my deepest thoughts, sometimes I write nonsense, sometimes I'll share my thoughts on a book, and sometimes I talk about my Super Mom friends.

My point is, this blog is just for fun. It is just something I play with like a toy that keeps me busy when I have nothing else to do. No big deal.

About three weeks ago I submitted an application to write for the Kansas City Examiner for the Family and Parenting section. I found the opportunity on and figured it was a long-shot but I'd submit an application anyway. What's the worst they'd say? "No."

When a couple weeks went by with no word from the Examiner people I figured that was their way of saying, "No," and I was a little disappointed but figured it was because I have no "professional" writing experience and the only experience I could show them was this blog and my BlogHer profile.

I was so happy this morning when I logged on to my email and found a letter informing me that I was just who the Examiner was looking for and feel my insight as a mother would be a great addition to their magazine. This is the foot in the door I have been looking to find. The best part is the content I provide will always belong to me so as I build a base readership and find more writing opportunities, I will have a good supply of material to present.

I am so excited! This is just the start I have been waiting for!



Heidi said...

Wow! Congratulations! That is super exciting!

Lisa said...

YEAH YOU!! That is fantastic! KUP!

La Piazza Gancio said...

You must be floating...congratulations!

Space Oddities said...

So excited for you!!