Wednesday, September 2, 2009

This Super Mom is Hip!

A quick refresher on my (not-so-regular) regular Super Mom Series:

I have a lot of really great, really spectacular friends and most of them are moms. They challenge me daily to be my best and I, suffering from impossible shyness, never tell them how they inspire me. I am changing that starting today. I hope to 'spotlight' a fellow mommy-blogger every Monday. I will only be posting fellow mom-bloggers with public blogs and only addressing them by the names they use for themselves on their blogs because I don't want to breech anyone's privacy. Later, I'll also 'showcase' bloggers who I don't necessarily know but who are as equally inspiring. (If you do NOT want to be included let me know.)

Okay, now that I have refreshed your collective memories, I apologize for missing a few Mondays so I am scratching the day of the week and just writing about my awesome momma friends when I can.

Now this week's mom is truly hip! Why? I'm so glad you asked. One Hip Mom has four beautiful little ones...and I am very partial to mommas with lots of children. There are a lot of unique joys and struggles that come with a family of four or more children and I am always so grateful to my friends with large families who share their lives because it reinforces that our brand of crazy (good and bad) is normal.


Hip Momma is an awesome mom. There are a lot of adjectives that describe Hip Momma but as I read her blog the two that always come to mind are loving and fun! And, I cannot forget to tell you that she makes the sweetest little pinafores, aprons and pillowcase dresses. She has her own store on Etsy appropriately named A Diva and 3 Dudes Designs and oh, did I mention she is also a nursing student?

A Diva and 3 Dudes

Hip Momma, thank you for being you. Your dedication to all you do; your family, your sewing, your inspiring. *hugs* momma!


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Lisa said...

Awww, thanks Laurie! I'm all perclempt! Love you!