Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Parent-Teacher Conference Recap!

Last week were parent-teacher conferences. It was a great evening, everyone got such great reports from their teachers.

S, 8th grade, is doing great! He made the honor roll and is working so hard to keep a top GPA this year. We are thrilled, if you guys knew how long and hard of a road it was get him to this point...it's just an amazing transformation on his part. I think it helps that he has become involved in helping with the team sports as their equipment manager. He didn't want to play football or basketball but he is good friends with the teachers who are coaches and they asked him to help out at practice and the games. It is great for him because he gets to be apart of the team on a behind-the-scenes kind of way. He goes to all the games and since he is keeping his grades so high I signed a permission form for him to leave the last hour to go to the away games. He loves it.

M, 5th grade, is still reading at a super-advanced level. She is testing well into high school range which is making finding her quality reading materials a bit of a challenge. She reads most chapter books in about a day so we're constantly looking for new books for her. Her teacher talked about how not only does she read and comprehend at a very high level, she discusses books at a very advanced level as well which she told us was really interesting. She's also doing great in all other areas and scored the highest in her class on the assessments, math and reading. M's teacher is really great this year.

C, 3rd grade, is also doing exceptionally well this year. He's also well above grade-level for reading and he's doing very well in all other areas of school. His teacher talked about how much fun he is and how he makes her smile everyday.

A, kindergarten, is doing great, too! She loves kindergarten and is also in the advanced learning groups in her class. She has the same teacher M and C had for kindergarten and we have such a great relationship with her, I know that really helps. We talked about how dramatic A is and how she's such a goofball...a deep thinking goofball, of course!

Common points of discussion from everyone's teachers: They are all eager to learn, ready to listen and happy to be at school each day. It was really great to go to everyone's conferences and hear good things across the board. Now to get the to act at home like they act at school!


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