Friday, February 8, 2008

I think I'm going to drop a class...hopefully...

I have been working my behind off trying to keep up with my classes and I just can't do four classes and keep up with life. So I sent an email tonight to my counselor asking if I can drop Physical Anthropology. :( I feel so guilty, like I'm failing or something. J told me that's not the case but it sucks just the same. I am just missing assignments because I flat out don't have time to finish the assignments or if I make the time then I'm letting the kids down by missing a school party or helping them with their homework. I know there's some sacrifice to be made but they will only take so much--just tonight C was crying because I had to NOT do something with him to finish a dumb assignment and one of them crying over me not being able to do something for study time is a regular thing (a few times a week!) I won't get my tuition for the class back because it's too late but at this point I just don't care about the money. Most of the time I just don't know if I'm coming or going.

I am also really worried about my GPA. Since I am falling behind I am really worried that if I don't drop the class I'll risk a lower grade in any of my others and mess up my overall standing (ie. scholarship money=lower student loans!)

Ugh I feel like such a tool!!


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