Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Poor Sick Kid!

Sebastian has been so sick! He missed last Monday and Tuesday of school with a high fever and cold symptoms. He was feeling totally better by Tuesday night and went to school Wednesday. The rest of the week was no school but he felt totally fine--just acted a little tired.

Friday night he went to spend the night with his dad. He woke his dad up about 3am Saturday morning saying his head hurt and he had a high fever. His dad called me Saturday morning and said he was going to take him to the walk-in clinic. (I didn't go because I was sick in bed) Somehow he ended up taking him to the emergency room (grrr) and they said it was just a nasty virus. They prescribed him (get this!) flippin Robitussin--the doctor actually wrote on his prescription pad Tussin, he prescribed freaking Robitussin (totally why health care is in crisis!) Why couldn't he have just said, "go get some robitussin? Anyway, X brings Sebastian home and he goes to bed. Jeff goes to fill the prescription and sure enough the pharmacist goes and gets a bottle of generic robitussin and fills a medicine bottle with it. (GRRR!!!)

By Sunday morning Sebastian is feeling much better. And he felt great all day Monday except late Monday night he started saying his throat hurt. I looked, it looked okay and he otherwise felt fine and no fever so I kept up with the prescription robitussin (that seriously irks me, lol!) and ibuprophen (he can take adult doses now!) and he went to bed. Tuesday morning he said his throat hurt but he felt fine otherwise so I gave him his medicine and checked for a fever, he had none so I sent him to school. He did not meet any of the criteria to keep him home and he'd already missed two days last week. I didn't hear from him all day and he had a study group so I didn't see him again until about 4:30. When he walked out of the building he looked AWFUL! He was ghost white and when I felt his head he was burning up, I looked in his throat and it looked gnarly. I drove straight to get Jeff then to the walk-in clinic since his doctor's office was about to close. There were no other people waiting so they got him in really quickly. His fever was 102.5 and they were concerned it was mono. The doc called over to the hospital he was at Saturday before running more tests to see what they had tested him for already (no wasted resources there!) and they told her they had been trying to get ahold of X but his number was disconnected. The rapid strep initially came back negative but came back positive after the 24 hours--so he's got strep! (no mono, thankfully!) So we finally got him on some antibiotics! Poor kid--he's staying home Wednesday and Thursday from school.


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