Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Last Day of School

Today was the last day of school! It's always bittersweet at the end of the year but this year was particularly tough as so many of our favorite teachers are saying goodbye.

We began with the 6th grade send-off. Most of us moms were in tears before the 6th graders came out of their classrooms to line up for their final building exit (all it took was one mom to have one tear fall and the rest of us followed her lead). It really is sweet, every class in the school lines up against the walls and the 6th grade classes walk the longest route out of the building while the Lion King theme song plays over the PA. They came out of their classrooms, most of the kids and teachers already crying as they say their final goodbyes. The music began playing and they began walking as the entire school cheered, clapped and high-fived them all. Sebastian was very excited to leave so I sent him on his way with his dad. I got pictures--though I won't be sharing many as there are other kids faces in them and I'm not at all comfortable posting someone else's' children's images on the internet. So I sat in the lobby waiting for Madison and Collin.

Collin came first, he's okay. They had a great day. He's sad about missing his teacher but we've spent a lot of time talking about positive changes and how even though it is sad to say goodbye we all have great things to look forward to. Next came Madison...

She began having a difficult time last night when she had her first meltdown. We talked her through it but we knew today was going to be difficult for her. Her class came out, everyone hugging her teacher. She tried so hard to put on the brave face and greeted me with a smile but as soon as I said "hi" her smile turned into tears--lots of them. She kept saying, "I'm okay" but kept crying. I started crying (well, fighting back tears) with her and we looked up to see her teacher crying with two other students. That made her cry even harder--it really was sad. I hugged her in the lobby for about 5 minutes as we watched students leaving most running to their parents in tears.

I'm glad this part of today is over. I really love that we have this school and are lucky the students and teachers are so connected but it sure makes it difficult when there are major changes happening.

AND I'M THE MOM OF A JUNIOR HIGH KID!!!!! I was so proud today watching Sebastian leave elementary school for the last time. He has struggled so much and worked so hard to get to this point.


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