Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Out of Shape

Yesterday evening I took the kids to play with the Frisbee for a while. We threw it around the park, ran after it, laughed and had a general fun time. Then I spotted a trail that led into the woods so we followed the trail. It was kind of neat, it went to a creek and we saw a giant crane fly away as we approached. I thought that was not enough exercise for the day--the walking, running, frolicking, playing--so I promises the kids tennis once Jeff got home.

We get to the tennis courts, have a blast playing tennis! And I was playing pretty good I must say--not Justine Henin good but good enough none the less. We played for an hour before we came home to make dinner.

As the evening went on I realized I hurt more and more. My legs, my arms, my ankles...all over I was sore. I woke up this morning super exhausted and super sore! Seriously? Just the little exercise I got yesterday made me this sore?!


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