Thursday, July 24, 2008

Got Scam?

I am fairly certain someone tried to scam me tonight. Or I let someone down who may have been in dire need of my help. I'm pretty sure it was the former rather than the latter.

I received a phone call from a recording earlier. You remember back in the day, before cell phones, when there was an emergency you ran to a pay phone and called collect if you didn't have a quarter? This recording said someone was calling me collect. It went something like this...

"Hello. Big-long-pause-for-someone-to-say-their-name-but-nobody-says-anything is trying to phone you collect. Unfortunately, your phone service does not accept collect phone calls. In order for you to accept this call you must immediately enter your credit card number..."

I flipped my phone shut at that point so I am not sure what else Recording Lady was going to say. But then I thought, "Oh gosh! What if I did hang up on someone in an emergency?" So I phoned Jeff, asked him if he tried to call collect. He laughed because no one makes collect calls anymore. This is the cell phone age for crying out loud! Even my twelve year old has a cell phone.

I am sure I avoided certain disaster by hanging up and not falling for it. Sadly, people apparently DO fall for it or people wouldn't be trying it. Now I am left wondering how they got my cell number.


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Jenna said...

Ugh! I think you were right in hanging up. I'm thinking there is no one that uses collect and if an emergency did happen and they had to use it then they would say their a panicked hurry-up-and-say-yes-so-I-can-talk-to-you type voice.