Monday, October 27, 2008


Background: Over the summer we noticed C's tonsils were giving him lots of problems. Well, he's always had a lot of sore throats and infections and things but this last summer he really began showing major symptoms so we took him to his doc. He said he was pretty sure they would need to be removed (we'd also had the conversation the year before to keep an eye on it) but we had to see an ENT.

C went to the ENT today. She took one look at his tonsils and said, "Yep, they need to come out! They are huge!"

He goes in to surgery Nov 18th--they still have to call us with the time but we were told to plan for about 6 hours at the hospital if everything goes well. They'll decide whether or not to leave his adenoids during surgery.

We're going in a couple of weeks to a Surgery Party. The hospital throws "parties" every Wednesday evening for kids who have an upcoming surgery so they can play in the operating room, see all of the equipment and a little about where they will be at and get some kind of goodie bag with "doctor stuff".

The surgery will be outpatient unless he reacts badly to something or just doesn't bounce back after a few hours. Then he's home from school for at least 7 days though she said some kids need the full 14 days. We're hoping he'll be good in time for Thanksgiving but we're prepared that he may not be up to a lot. We usually have everyone over for Thanksgiving so he will be home if we do host again--if not we'll work it out so he's comfortable.

He says he'll be glad to get it done but he's getting scared already. They saw on the family medical history that J had his out when he was 21 and every person who saw that on the chart audibly groaned and commented about how awful it is--and it was pretty much a nightmare for him--but each time C got a little more scared. Thankfully we have a lot of time to talk to him and give whatever reassurances we can.

Poor guy. It will be good for him--he's always got a sore throat and he do not sleep well at night because he's got sleep apnea so badly. He snores so loud and he stops breathing, wakes up choking. It's pretty bad. We're grateful they got him on the surgery schedule so quickly even though he's going to be miserable. It will be so much better for him in the long run.


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