Monday, November 3, 2008

ATTN: All Registered Voters!

1. Democrats do NOT vote on Wednesday Nov. 5th. Election day is Tuesday Nov. 4th for BOTH Democrats and Republicans.

2. You will not be subject to a warrant search upon arrival at the polls.

3. Your college financial aid will not be revoked if you vote at school.

4. Your parents will still be able to claim you if you vote at school.

5. You are aloud to vote regardless of your race if you are a registered voter.

6. You cannot vote by phone.

If someone, anyone, claims there are different voting rules than you thought do not automatically believe them! If you receive a mailing that looks official but says something has changed do not believe it or says something you know to be false, do not believe it.

Call or visit your local county election office for clarification! Immediately!

Do not let anyone steal your vote!



Space Oddities said...

Yay! Your blog looks great!

Yes! Vote vote vote!

Veronica V Photography said...

Yeesh. It scares me that people were spreading this stuff and that some people actually believed it!!