Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Rainbow Fingers and Toes

A little background and a family secret--I come from a family of smokers. I was a smoker but quit--my dad's side, still smokes. We lost my uncle to smoking-related stomach cancer over the summer and that set my dad on a quit smoking path. He's tried everything before--many times over but he cared for my uncle during his final weeks and it really set the ball in motion to try again. So the last few months he's done the gum with no success, the patch with no success and Chantix with no success. He stopped for a few weeks then the recession nearly took out our company and that stress started him back up.

Now as much as this is a serious topic and I hope and pray my dad finds his way to being a non-smoker this next attempt is HILARIOUS! (If you think that makes me a bad person--keep reading!)

He found a local hypnotist who, for a fee, will make smokers quit smoking. Who could pass up 187 dollar path to smoking liberation? He signs himself and my step mom up immediately and they were to report to Hypno-Lady first thing Friday morning.

The following are the dramatic events they claim happened...

Hypno-Lady had them sit in a room together facing her. She then began to recite "I want to smoke but I love my body more. I love myself. I can do this." She then began having them tap their finger tips to various parts of their bodies while repeating the mantra. Tap tap tap on the head, tap tap tap on the forehead, tap tap tap in their armpits..."I want to smoke but I love my body more..." They continued tapping various body parts for an hour and fifteen minutes. (I would have paid $187 to watch)

After the tapping portion was concluded Hypno-Lady directed them to look at their hands and envision a rainbow of colors spewing out of them and after they saw the rainbows leaking from their fingers they were to envision the same of their toes. (Seriously, why couldn't I have seen this!)

They were to keep these visions of finger and toe rainbows for the next hour after which--tada...

They'd leave nonsmokers!

They are both still smokers...

Hypno-Lady is now $374 richer.

True story.



Lisa said...

HOOT!! Very similar in my family. My mom smoked for 40+ years ... her Brother got lung cancer and passed away several months ago. She quit using Chantix. I hope that your Dad finds a solution.

T- said...


Hysterical. I'd have paid to seen it, too!

Anonymous said...