Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I got to be a guest blogger!

Blogging is an interesting phenomena. Bloggers decide what part of themselves to put 'out there' while keeping other parts completely private and behind the invisible walls of the internet. Yet, there are many blogs with writers sharing what is important to them leaving readers with a look inside the unique worlds of individuals we would otherwise never encounter.

We can read why this guy cries, what's up with Major Bedhead, explore the culinary world through the words of a culinary student and join in as a self-described seeker embarks on a path to self-discovery in Waiting for the Click.

Waiting for the Click in one of those blogs I was thrilled to find. We can relate to it because all of us, in one way or another, look to ourselves trying to fit all of the pieces together as we discover who we are. Leslee, from Waiting for the Click, issued a challenge to her readers. She wanted readers to submit stories that shaped and defined them...a challenge that, originally, I had no intention of accepting. I am not the kind of person who puts herself out there for people to judge, at least not on a personal level. However, my ultimate goal is to write, for a living, and to get there writers need to share parts of themselves they would rather not have people see. True writers make themselves vulnerable as their passion pours out into words that fill blogs, articles, short stories, and novels. So, I accepted Leslee's challenge and wrote.

I wrote a true story I never, never share. Not because it is difficult but because I never wanted it to define me. But as I wrote, I realized it does, indeed, define me. Or, it defines how I view the world and the people in it.

So, this is most certainly the most personal thing I have ever shared on the internet.

Leslee, thank you for giving writers this opportunity to share themselves with you and others. I appreciate you and your blog and I feel lucky I have gotten to know you a little bit over the past few months.

The Eleventh Year


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lesleehorner said...

Thank you so much for your contribution to my life through this cyber-world. I have appreciated our connection through Twitter and it means so much that you read and comment on my blog. I am glad that I offered you the platform to tell such a powerful story from your past. There is definitely healing aspects to sharing.... Thank you for sharing with me and my readers!