Saturday, January 23, 2010

More A-isms

July 2009, Age 4

*Alyson's favorite word of the day: Onceamadoodle.

*Aly on dinner tonight: "Momma, this is your victory."

*Bonus C-ism (age 8): Collin was just trying to say rocket ship and his mouth-brain connection got scrambled and he said "rocket $hit" his eyes bugged out he thought he was going to be in huge trouble.

*Bonus C-ism (age 8):Collin told me today at tennis he was pretty sure my racket had a hole in it.

*"Smmet spells full. That's me, Fullie" Alyson said after cleaning her plate tonight.

*Aly busted into the bathroom with a Hannah Montana wig on shouting, "Hannah Montana is in da house."

August 2009: Age 4

*All Kids: Kids are cracking me up! Sebastian: Hey Collin, You've got Mrs. ___, right? Collin: Ya, why? Sebastian: Dude, don't get on her back. She's strict. She's a good teacher, don't get me wrong but she's strict. Madison: I went into her classroom once, she's fine. Collin: Well, strict is okay because someone needs to keep m...e on task. Alyson: *singing* I got Miss ___ la la lee lee

*Aly's first words to me after school today: "Oh Mom, I had the best Kindergarten day ever!"

September 2009, Age 5

* Alyson walked up to me in the kitchen and said, "We are the champions my friends, right momma?"

*Upon finding a sesame seed on her bun, Alyson said she wanted to plant it and grow hamburgers.

November 2009, Age 5

*To quote Alyson, "Now that I have cleaned up the living room, everyone will appreciate me. Because basically I cleaned the entire thing All. By. Myself!"

*Alyson has learned what googol means so of course, everything is measured by it now. "I want a googol of ice cream!"

*Aly's argument to convince me to let her pierce her ears, "It's not like I'll get my lip pierced."

*Alyson on closing one eye but not the other? "It's not winking, it's magic!"

*Alyson to Collin: How can you be my brother if you don't like roast?

*Alyson: Something is wrong with my eye. When I blink it goes blank.

*On moving the refrigerator: Collin, "Maybe you should get a dolly to move it, dad." Alyson, "WHAT kind of dolly can move a refrigerator?"

*Thanksgiving thoughts from Aly: Her memories are locked up safely in her brain cage. Liquor stores sell licorice. And it's only 37 weeks until Christmas.

December 2009 Age 5

*Aly: Taking a bath at grandma's is super fun because she has a rubber ducky and we don't.

*Aly issued Collin a ticket for "breaking the style of her bed."

*Joke Aly told us today: How do you make Lady Gaga mad? Puh-puh-puh-puh-poker face.

*Aly: "This book is off lemons. I don't want anyone else to read it."

*Alyson: My brain lock is where I keep my crazy.

*Two Christmas thoughts from Alyson: "I can't stop smiling." & "I can pull my hair off."

*Aly: "Salad sandwiches are really good."

January 2010, Age 5

*Alyson when playing Mario Olympics: "Peach will now show you how its done...with style...tra-la-la..."

*Aly on opening a little bag of potato chips: "I don't even know how to pop so I never, never do it."

*Bonus M-ism:Madison: "Oh my gosh, Harrison Ford does not look as good now as he did in Star Wars."

*Sebastian to Maddi: "The 28th I'm coming to your school." Maddi to Sebastian: "The 8th I'm coming to your school." Aly to everyone: "The 3rd I'm coming to noone's school."

*Bonus C-ism: We had a reading event at the kids' school. Jeff took Aly to her K group and I took Collin to his group. The lady asked the kids, "What are you reading?" Collin puts his hand up and says, "Stephen King!" EVERY adult in the room gasped and all eyes were on me as I meekly explained, "He wrote a story for a younger kids."


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