Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Hit and Run

So yesterday I was at the office with the kids. We were in the car waiting for the customer to leave to go in and talk to my dad. So the kids and I are talking and singing to the radio when-------- BLAMO!

A big Bronco/Tahoe like SUV slams into my dad's truck parked next to us. The SUV was backing out of a parking spot behind our cars too fast and hit. I look over just in time to see my dad's truck lurch forward and the SUV start forward.

I grab my phone, leap out of the car while yelling for the kids "Do NOT move! Stay Put!" I ran around my van just in time to see the SUV speeding away! I have Jeff on the cell, "Someone just nailed dad's truck and they are running!" I yelled for Sebastian to get a pencil and yelled out the license plate to him.

The person driving the SUV was a "friend" of one of the people who works at the cleaning business next door to our office. Which happens to employ mostly illegals...which means the chances of the tag being registered to the correct person, and the person who was the "friend" of the SUV will likely never be found. He went to the business and told the owner (she's a horrible business neighbor, BTW) what happened, as an FYI.

Last night dad wasn't going to file a report because the damage looked minor just a scratch on the bumper (our business repairs that!) but this morning he called me to ask for a description of the SUV because there is far more damage than he first thought and he needs to make a claim.


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