Thursday, March 13, 2008

Clutter Removed

Monday I spent the day clearing out our closets and other areas where things like to collect. It was an All.Day.Event!

My mom came over to cart the stuff away. She's got connections and knows people who need stuff--like she knows a grandma with a lot of grandchildren who could use kid stuff and we've got plenty of that! She knows where the best places to take things to Goodwill with the most need and who to take the other stuff if we want to sell it.

I began with the girls' clothes. Then moved on to my clothes. After my clothes I moved on to the other stuff in my closet. I did not even know most of the things that were in there were in there! I had a giant bag of purses--brand new purses. I had no idea they were in there. They had to have been years old because I haven't bought a random purse in over four years. I'm a Coach girl and treat myself to one Coach a year. I thought I got rid of all my extra purses years ago!

I also had, stashed way, way in the back of my closet was baby stuff. I saved some of the oddest things like our--Moses Basket, infant positioner--I'm done having babies and have no need for any baby item but for some strange reason I had those items crammed into the back of my closet. I had old infant toys, a huge bag of Beanie's like anything I could not find a place for I stuck in my closet. Thankfully it is a walk-in so there was room but geesh!

I also cleaned out my linen closet! I had the crib sets from C (he's 7!) and A (she's 3!) stuffed up on the top shelf. Seriously? What was I going to do with those?

After I was finished dragging stuff out I had enough to stuff her van full! Yet, it doesn't feel like I reduced our clutter. I've likely got more than enough junk to stuff her van a few more times! One day I'll get it all out of here! One day!

Next on my list....the kids' old craft bucket and play doh stuff and other clutter that's overtaking our laundry room!


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