Wednesday, March 5, 2008

What NOT to do on a Stability Ball

I was reading in Self magazine (or Marie Claire i can't remember) that push-ups on the stability ball are awesome and work wonders. Yes, a new cool, new-wave exercise to try!

So dumb-ass Laurie decides to try it--except dumb-ass Laurie can't do a push-up on stable ground much less a wiggly ball. I set the ball on the groud and look down on it. How do I get in the push-up position without falling? I walk in a circle around the ball as I plot my entry. I kneel down and place my hands in the proper position--10 and 2--and slowly try to elevate my hips into the push-up position. The ball starts to wobble...I start to wobble. Life flashes before my eyes as the ball wiggled just enough to throw me completely off balance...not that I was balanced before mind you. I only had just enough strength to hold it steady enough to fall on top of it.

Needless to say my face bounced off the ball. Thank goodness the kids were sleeping and J is in NY. Sometimes I am such an idiot and I mean that about myself in the most loving way!



J. Ross said...

Oh NO! I'm laughing only because I know exactly how you feel ;o) .

So tell were you doing these? With your hands on the ball/feet on the floor or with legs on ball/hands on floor?

Laurie said...

How do you do it with your feet on the ball, hands on the floor! LOL, I would definately have a broken nose if I tried that! :D

J. Ross said...

LOL...I guess if I wouldn't have been laughing I would've read it more carefully where it said that your face bounced off the ball. :~P

I'm not good friends with the ball myself, and it is really hard! But it is a great workout. However...for a beginner I strongly recommend using a very sturdy chair. We actually used fold up metal ones in pt and put them up against a wall. You can do them either way...feet on chair/hands on ground or hands on chair/feet on ground. The only difference with the ball is that it's working some more muscles since you have to balance it. Try it with the chair though and see if you can do it.

Once in pt we had to do push-ups with our feet at our partners shoulder level. Sometimes I still have Styx hold me up like that to do push-ups.