Thursday, March 6, 2008

Research Paper

In my Human Sexuality class we have to research a topic related to sex and human relationships and write a paper on our findings. I had to turn in my topic by Monday at midnight with an outline and a title. I was really having a tough time thinking of a topic, let alone an outline. By about 10 PM I finally thought of a topic--Abstinence Education! I have a pretty strong stance on the new Abstinence Education programs so I thought I could research the topic and see if my stance is fair. I wrote a title (How Much Information is Too Much Information: Examining the Debate over Abstinence Education Programs) and a brief outline and my professor approved it this morning. He knows my position on Abstinence Education programs--I am very much ANTI Abstinence Only Education--so he cautioned me to be sure and write fairly.

Now to find psychology journals that have published studies on the pros and cons of Abstinence Education!


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Tracy said...

Yay Laurie! I bet you will write a fabulous and fair paper!!