Friday, March 14, 2008

Sushi Bar

So we've got two cats, Sophie and Olivia. Olivia is still pretty much a kitten and well, kittens are nuts!! Like Chet on The Santa Clause 2! ("Nothing wrong with a straight line, Chet!" )

Anyway--we also have an aquarium. Well, two. One for Apollo our beta and one for our other fish. The fish have been living quite happily in their home for quite some time and we've only had one or two die for no apparent reason. There was one pair of guppies, the biggest, we named Fire and Lightening because Fire's tail looked like fire and Lightening's tail looked like lightening...simple enough. Fire died while Jeff was out of town. We're not sure why but he did. So that left Lightening as the biggest and prettiest in our aquarium.

Well, see, here's where the kitten comes into the picture. Olivia believes the fish are her own private Sushi Bar. She's been interested in watching the fish since she got well after being so sick. She sits in front of the aquarium and tracks the zebra's and tetras and catfish and guppies. Lightening, being the largest, got a lot of her attention. We, as good fish owners, discouraged Olivia from taking an interest but nature is nature...

The other morning the kids came running into my bedroom. "Mom, mom! Olivia was on the fish tank and her paw is wet!" I, in my still sleeping stupor, said "It's okay, just get her down," and proceeded with my morning. It wasn't until much later that evening when I was looking at the aquarium and realized we were missing Lightening. The biggest and prettiest of our guppies. I knew he hadn't died. We knew he didn't get sucked up in the little fish vacuum. Lightening was not floating around or stuck in a tree...he was just gone.

Then it dawned on me...Olivia! Of course, there's a spot on the back of the lid that's cut away where the filter and heater poke up. It is large enough for a cat to scoop up a fish! And said cat was caught on the lid with a wet paw. We're pretty sure of what happened to Lightening. Poor fish...

Yet, somehow I can't not laugh about it.


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