Friday, March 7, 2008

Odd Phenomenon

Or maybe it isn't odd. You be the judge.

We've got 3 kids in elementary school and our oldest is in 6th grade meaning we've had a child in this particular school for almost 7 years now. Depending on which one of us picks up the kids, we go in and chat up the parents and teachers every day. So being the "elder" (*shudder*) parents in the school we have noticed a lot of various trends over the years. They are usually pretty little and usually are focused around cliques--what moms are friends, what moms have had a falling out.

We also see trends like one year was a pajama year--moms showed up with their pjs on to collect their kids. (I am proud to say I was not part of this trend but I may have started it because when I was pregnant with Aly I wore pjs a lot, lol!)

But this new mom fad is weird. I suppose it's not necessarily weird but it does make me wonder just how much of an impact pop culture has not only on our children but on us adults as well.

In the last year, maybe year and a half, an increasing number of moms have been bringing little Paris Hilton-Britney Spears pocket dogs to school. The first mom to do it got a TON of attention from parents, teachers and kids. It was cute, a little yorkie she carried around with her. Then about a month later another mom brought a brand new tiny little dog. And a little while later another dog showed up and this continued for the last year or so. Now there are a number of little accessory dogs being carried around the school.

I knew when the celebutantes begun carrying around dogs as part of their outfits that little kids and teenagers would want a tiny little pocket dog, too. But I really did not think it would eventually branch out to moms. I suppose it really is telling though. Adults, like kids, are equally vulnerable to fads.

*and it is worth it to note that all of the tiny pocket dog mommies I am speaking of take very good care of their children...and their dogs.


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Tracy said...

I vote for odd.....very odd! :-)